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While most City and County school districts use the state provided HRMS system and one of two Payroll Systems, Charter Schools tend to use different vendors and outsource much of the work to a management company.  While this data is normally uploaded to NC DPI, the completeness or accuracy of employee data from some Charter Schools is often missing or out-of-date.  As this data is the authoritative source for the NCEdCloud IAM Service, data integrity greatly impacts the service's ability to accurately provision (or deprovision) accounts and grant appropriate access to teachers and other Charter School staff.  Integration of the IAM Service with Home Base applications (and any other NCEdCloud Target Applications a Charter School choses to add) will require complete and accurate data in order for users to access the applications.

The UID System

There is help on the DPI website for adding (or removing) charter school employee records to the UID System, which is the source for most of the IAM Service account data for employees.  The link to the information is under Training for the UID System. There is a general overview of the UID System and then under Training Materials there are links to various Training Presentations that would pertain to Charter Schools:

  1. UID Staff Process for Charter Schools that use LINQ
  2. UID Staff Process for Acquiring Staff IDs for Non-Payroll staff

If a Charter School uses LINQ (one of the two state payroll systems), employees would likely be added there and the changes pushed to the UID system.  If not, the Non-Payroll Staff information describes how these Charter School employees would be added.

Employee Email

Aside from having new employees added (and terminated employees removed), a key piece of employee information the IAM Service uses is email address.  This is in addition to general demographic data (e.g. names, addresses, etc.) and budget codes (Object Code and Purpose Code).  More information about data requirements for the IAM Service are found in the Source Data Requirements page.  However, please make sure email address and other data are being uploaded for ALL your Employees, and not just "certified" employees.

NC DPI's website has information on uploading employee data to the state HRMS system.  We have also provided links below, as well as how to view employee data in the IAM Service.


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