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What is the NCEdCloud IAM Service? 

  • Strong identity management is a foundational component for the accelerating IT shift toward cloud technologies.  The goal of the NCEdCloud Identity & Access Management (IAM) Service is for every student, teacher, staff member, parent or guardian, and school community member to have a single, unique username and password to access cloud-based learning resources in North Carolina. This page provides supplemental information to NC Charter Schools, especially new Charter Schools, about the NCEdCloud IAM Service. Please share this informaiton with your support staff and/or management company as appropriate.


Addition information, resources, and requirements can be found at the following links: 


How does my Charter School get started with the IAM Service?

We recommend that you visit these pages for further information:


Do I need an LEA Administrator Role in NCEdCloud?

If you do not have any staff members in your charter school who have the LEA Administrator role within the NCEdCloud you cannot manage student and staff accounts.  Typically, someone like a technology director, principal, or assistant principal will need to REQUEST the LEA Administrator role within the NCEdCloud IAM Service.  Once granted, this role will enable them to see all students in the school and see their default passwords. It will also allow them to approve other requests for roles such as LEA Data Auditor, LEA Help Desk, School Student Help Desk, etc.

Next Steps for LEA Administrators" go to  

This page contains information to help Charter Schools prepare to roll out the NCEdCloud IAM Service to their users and move forward with accessing Target Applications (including Home Base apps when integrated) using their NCEdCloud credentials (Username and password).

LEA Administrators and/or Technology Directors can also find more information on requesting and granting privileged roles at the following:


Is there a NCEdCloud IAM Service “Self Help” FAQ page?

Yes, go to the NCEdCloud IAM Service FAQ page at

Topics covered include:

  • General
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Or One-Time Passwords (OTP)
  • User Passwords And Expiration
  • LEA Administrators And Data Auditors


You will also find answers to many general questions you may have about the service.

  • How do I get a NCEdCloud account?
  • How do I log into NCEdCloud?
  • How do I find my Username? (Employee or Student UID number)
  • What if I forgot my password?
  • How do I bookmark the NCEdCloud portal (


Click on one of the links below to learn more information about this topic.


Other Helpful Information

How do I manage Student Passwords?

Students in the NCEdCloud are provided with default passwords when their accounts are created in the NCEdCloud initially. These default passwords can be seen by clicking on the Profiles button on the left side of the screen and then clicking on the Manage Students tab (admin staff) and/or the My Students tab (teachers who have an association to certain students in PowerSchool). 


What if I cannot view Passwords?

  • If you do not have any students assigned to a class in PowerSchool for which you are the assigned teacher, you will not see any students listed under the My Students tab in the NCEdCloud IAM Service. 
  • If you do not have a privileged user role in the NCEdCloud IAM Service, you will not have the Manage Students tab in the NCEdCloud to see all students in your charter school. 


How do I request to opt-in to using QR code badges for K-5 students?

  • Once the LEA Administrator has been setup for your school, below are a few links to information about how to opt-in to the use of QR codes or pictographs for K-5 students in the NCEdCloud, if your school decides that’s a direction you would like to go to make logins for younger students easier.


How do a report an issue with the NCEdCloud IAM Service?

Beginning April 14, 2021, NCEdCloud IAM Service issues that can’t be resolved locally should be escalated to Identity Automation.
Local NCEdCloud LEA Administrators may open tickets with Identity Automation at the Identity Automation Support Community:
You should also be able to click on the Identity Automation Support Community Icon
in the NCEdCloud IAM Service Applications vie

(NCEdCloud LEA Administrators who do not have credentials for the Identity Automation Support Community (above) should request them by sending an email to