Are user passwords assigned or can they choose their own?

Every user has a default password that is randomly generated for that specific user.  However some users won't actually use their default password as they will reset it during the account claiming process.

Employees will be asked to choose a new password when they proceed through their initial account claiming process, so for them the default password is essentially a moot point.

For secondary students (grade 6 and higher) the LEA/Charter School may optionally have those students claim their own accounts, or the LEA/Charter School may directly distribute the student usernames (pupil number) and default passwords.  To claim their own account a secondary student would need their pupil number, grade, birthday in YYYYMMDD format, and LEA / Charter School code.  When they start the process, they will be asked to chose and set their password. To complete the account claiming process (or the initial login if account is not claimed), a secondary student will need to answer at least 5 challenge response answers. (See: Student Account Claiming).

For primary student accounts (grades 5 and below) the LEA/Charter School will always need to directly distribute the student usernames (pupil number) and default passwords usually through teachers. There is no claim account process (or challenge questions) for primary students.