Can users edit their profile to add or correct their email address?


Users are not able to edit their profiles to add/change their email address in the IAM Service. The only way an IAM Service account's email address can be added/changed is if that user's email is added/changed in source data: PowerSchool for students; and - in order - PowerSchool, LINQ HR (upload for Charter Schools), or HRMS for staff.  (NOTE: The previous order lists the priority given to each data source.  If PowerSchool has an email for a staff member, that's the email address that will be used in the data sent to the NCEdCloud IAM Service).

We recommend that LEAs & Charter Schools strive to provide email addresses for all their users as there are important drawbacks for users without an email address within the service. For example:

  • LEA Administrators and other employees that use the Workflow features of the IAM Service would have no way to automatically be notified by the IAM Service of their workflow-related task items.
  • Some target services require the email address.  Without having email associated with the provisioned user account, functionality of those target services could be significantly impacted.


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