Can users edit their profile to add or correct their email address?


Students that don't have an email address in PowerSchool and staff that don't have an email address either in PowerSchool, HRMS or LINQ HR (upload for Charter Schools) will not have an email address associated with their NCEdCloud IAM Service accounts.  Users are not able to edit their profiles to add/change their email address in the IAM Service. The only way an IAM Service account's email address can be added/changed is if that user's email is added/changed in source data: PowerSchool for students; either PowerSchool, HRMS or LINQ HR (upload for Charter Schools) for staff.

We recommend that LEAs & Charter Schools strive to provide email addresses for all their users as there are several important drawbacks for users without an email address within the service. For example:

  1. LEA Administrators and other employees that use the Workflow features of the IAM Service would have no way to automatically be notified by the IAM Service of their workflow-related task items.
  2. Some target services require the email address.  Without having email associated with the provisioned user account, functionality of those target services could be significantly impacted.
  3. The “Forgot my username” function requires an email address in order for the feature to work.


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