How are privileged roles requested?

The Tech Director/CTO for an LEA or Charter School should be the first person to claim their account and request the LEA Administrator Role.  To request a privileged role for others, choose the ‘Workflow’ button on the left menu and then choose the ‘Requests’ tab along the top. Select the desired role checkbox(es) (LEA Administrator, LEA Data Auditor, LEA Help Desk, LEA Student Help Desk, School Help Desk, and School Student Help Desk) and click the Submit Requests button. (See for more information and an example screen-shot.) Note that anyone who has the LEA Administrator Role automatically attains the same privileges as LEA Help Desk, LEA Student Help Desk and LEA Data Auditor, hence it is not necessary for an LEA Administrator to also have the other roles.

The first request from a PSU for the LEA Administrator role will be vetted by NCDPI support staff prior to granting the role.  Once granted, an LEA Administrator may approve future workflow requests, as well as have access to administrative functions in the IAM Service for their district's or charter school's employees and students.  They will also be granted access to the LEA Administrator website where more protected content is available.