How can we get New Teachers into the IAM Service within a day or two?

Any user, including new teachers, must have a UID in order to appear in the IAM Service. UIDs are obtained through the UID process.

UID Overview

UID information is requested from and maintained in an eight step process described here. The process was originally designed to be performed on a monthly basis to coincide with payroll cycles, as UID data is extracted from the payroll system and the results are stored back into the payroll system. Current technology, however, requires an almost real-time need for identity management information. Processing UID data on a daily basis will provide the most up-to-date employee data to the IAM Service & supported applications, as well as alleviate delays for LEAs and Charter Schools.

UID Staff Process

  1. LEA/Charter Generates CEDARS Staff File From Payroll System
  2. LEA/Charter Uploads CEDARS Staff File into UID Staff & Initiates Data Validation
  3. LEA/Charter Downloads Fix Errors Report (if data errors are found by UID Staff System)
  4. LEA/Charter Fixes All Errors in UID Staff and in Payroll Source System
  5. LEA/Charter Initiates Assign ID Process in UID Staff
  6. LEA/Charter Resolves All Pending Near Matches
  7. LEA/Charter Downloads File of Assigned Staff IDs
  8. LEA/Charter Imports File of Assigned Staff ID into Payroll System

Please see the following resources for more details on the UID System:

Source Data Requirements

UID Support & Training

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