How do I fix employees that show up in the wrong (or two) LEAs/Charter Schools?

Frequently, employees that transfer from another LEA or Charter School are not updated in their former payroll system, and therefore the UID system, in a timely manner.  If you find that the Profile of an employee still lists information from a former LEA or Charter School (e.g. LEA Code and/or School Codes), you will need to contact that LEA/Charter School and have them update their Payroll System and push an upload to the UID System. UID Staff contacts at LEAs and Charter Schools can be found on the NCDPI website at  (The list, "Statewide UID Staff User Contact List", is located under “Support Documents” on the UID Staff Training website.)


  • The employee's payroll record at the former LEA/Charter School needs to be marked "Inactive".
  • The record needs to be pushed to the UID System, which will mark the UID record at the former district as "Inactive".
  • The following business day the old data will no longer be pulled into the IAM Service and "old" information should disappear from the user's IAM Service Profile.