How do I see a list of employees or students in my LEA?

I go to the Profiles tab and click on Manage My Employees, but I don't see anything.  Are my employees in the IAM Service?

The My Employees tab or the My Students tab under Profiles (on the left) in the IAM Service relies on a "Search" function. You need to enter some criteria to select the users you want to lookup. The easiest search is to enter an asterisk * wildcard in the search window and click the Search button. This will only return the first 1000 matching records, however, which is the limit of any query.  You can also look for all users beginning with the letter P by entering P + asterisk (P*) in the search window, and clicking Search.  To filter your lookup, click on the box for Advanced Search Mode and enter more specific criteria there. Save the search criteria, and click on Search. When searching on Last Name it is always helpful to enter a trailing asterisk * wildcard to make sure you retrieve users whose last name may be followed by a generational qualifier such as Jr., III, etc.

There are two general cases in which you may want to query your user data. The first is to obtain answers to questions about you data. The second is to perform actions on the results of a data query. An example is resetting students' passwords to their IAM "default passwords".

For the first case please see the first three bullets of the first item in this FAQ: How do I tell who has claimed their account in the IAM Service?