How do I set up more than one device to use my MFA One Time Password?


Your One Time Password (OTP) is tied to your NCEdCloud ACCOUNT, not to a device.  Therefore, the first time you login after MFA is implemented for your account (or after your OTP is Reset), the QR Code and the AlphaNumeric Code below it are what links the NCEdCloud MFA to the 6-digit code presented by your authentication application (Google Authenticator, RapidIdentity, Authy Desktop).  The QR code and the AlphaNumeric Code are "identical", as far as providing the same information to authentication apps - as long as they're taken from the same OTP Setup page.  Therefore, you can use the same authentication app on your phone to login to your iPad or your Windows machine.

If you're using the Authy desktop app, or the GAuth Chrome extention, and have it installed on more than one device, that will work.  But you'll need to enter the same alphanumeric code you got from the original OTP Setup Page, into each instance (write it down or take a screenshot with your phone).  However, if you're using more than one device, it's going to be easier to install the app on your phone and have just one place to go for your OTP 6-digit code.