How Do I Tell Who Has Claimed Their Account in the IAM Service?

How do I tell who has claimed their account in the IAM Service?

There are two ways to determine this:

  1. The prefered way is to use a 'report' that is provided to every LEA and Charter School in the "Files" area of the IAM Service.  
    • Click on the LEA Data Bucket under Files and you should see your most recent seven days of *_psu_userdata.txt (* = timestamp)
    • Highlight the most recent userdata.txt file and then click on download (remember to secure this file and delete it when you're done as this has employee and student PII in it)
    • Open the file in MS Excel or other spreadsheet program and select "Finish" if prompted (The file is tab delimited)
    • Then select Data (from the main menu along the top) and Sort
    • In the sort window select the dropdown for column and select idautoPersonClaimFlag and
    • Under Order, select Largest to Smallest
    • Then click OK and you should see all your users who have claimed their accounts will have a "True" in column AA (idautoPersonClaimFlag)
    • Once most of your users have claimed their accounts, you can sort on that column by smallest to largest (the default) and you'll see who has NOT claimed their account.​
  2. The other way, is to use the Search function under Profiles​​
    • ​​Select Manage LEA Employees
    • Click on the Advanced Search checkbox
    • Then click on Define Criteria
    • Select Other and enter "idautoPersonClaimFlag" in the first box and "True" in the second box
    • Then select Save, and at the Profiles page, select Search
    • Users (up to the first 1000) that have claimed their accounts will be displayed
    • You can add other search criteria to narrow the search results, but this method is not as flexible as the first method using the userdata.txt report