How long do I have to enter the 6-digit code from my app into the OTP screen?


Each 6-digit code generated by any of the authentication applications is "displayed" for 30 seconds before a new code is generated.  Most apps have a timer that shows you how long you have until the NEXT code is generated.  If you only have a few seconds left on the timer, it is best to wait for a new code to be displayed so you have time to enter it into the NCEdCloud OTP login screen.  However, this 30-second limit only applies to the time the code will be visible in the authenticator application.  In reality, most applications will accept an OTP code for up to 5 minutes after it is generated, so if you memorize the code once it's displayed it will still likely log you into the NCEdCloud.  Once you enter your OTP, you are fully authenticated using MFA and have access to the IAM Service and all applications.