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Target Application Suggestions by Public School Units

Before Completing This Form: 

This form can ONLY be submitted by a PSU user with the NCEdCloud LEA Administrator or LEA Data Auditor role to suggest a NEW Application or Service to be considered for inclusion as a Target Application.

Once submitted, the NCEdCloud IAM Service team will review the application to see whether it meets the criteria for a new Opt-In Target Application.  The submitting PSU may be contacted for additional information or vendor contacts, prior to a decision being made.  A meeting of all the stakeholders (PSU, DPI, Identity Automation, MCNC) will be scheduled with the vendor (usually by MCNC) to discuss the integration options of their product and to schedule testing if the decision is to integrate with NCEdCloud.  Usually, the submitting PSU will pilot the first integration of the application before it is added to the list of Opt-In applications available to all districts and schools.