Badge (QR Code) and Pictograph Logins for K-5

Why won't my iPad 2 devices work/login with NCEdCloud Badges? (Apple iOS Limitation)

The short answer is that iPad 2s cannot run the required version of iOS to allow access to the camera for scanning the badges.  Logging into NCEdCloud with student Badges requires that Apple iOS (mobile) devices be able to access the device camera through Safari (the apple browser) to scan a student's badge.  We have recently found out that Safari cannot "capture" the device camera on versions of iOS prior to 11.x.  The last version of iOS released for the iPad 2 was 9.3.5.  Therefore, iPad 2 devices cannot be used for Badge (QR Code) logins to NCEdCloud.&

When scanning a Badge I see the following error "QR Code Authentication Failed"?

If you see this error, it means that the password contained in the Badge QR Code (badges contain the student's Username/Student Number and their account Password), does not match the CURRENT Password of the account.  Someone has changed the password since the badge was printed and therefore you will need to view and print a new badge for the affected student.  You can do this in NCEdCloud by clicking the Profiles / My Students (QR Code) - LEA ### / QR Code buttons, and then printing the badges that are displayed (either right click or select "Print" from the browser menu.

How does a student with Badges enabled for their grade, login with Username and Password?

If a student who is configured to use a Badge to login to NCEdCloud doesn't have it with them, they can enter their Username (Student Number) at the Username prompt and select "Go".  The QR Code "scan window" will still show up, however, they can click on the blue link at the bottom of the screen which says "Use Password to Login".  They will then see the Password screen for NCEdCloud and can enter their password to complete their login.  If they click on the "Scan Student QR Code" Button instead of entering Username, they will need to click on the

Why do some of my students have a difficult time scanning their badges?

QR Codes (Badges) must be bright enough for a device camera to read properly.  Make sure the students aren't shading their badges or tilting them downward when scanning.  Having badges lighted by overhead lighing or an exterior window may help.  Also make sure the badge itself is printed clearly on white paper for the best contrast