Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

This information only applies to users who have one of the privileged roles mentioned below...

Due to the access staff with privileged roles in NCEdCloud have to student and employee data (this includes LEA Administrators, LEA Data Auditors, LEA Help Desk, and LEA Student Help Desk, School Help Desk, and School Student Help Desk), NCDPI is requiring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when logging in.  This requires the use of a Time-based One Time Password  (OTP) with every login to NCEdCloud.

In May of 2019, NCDPI rolled out Part 1 of MFA for LEA Administrators and LEA Data Auditors. In November 2019, NCDPI added MFA (Part 2) for staff with LEA Help Desk and LEA Student Help Desk roles.

Webinars on MFA were held prior to each rollout (see links to the Slides in the sidebar).  FAQs on Multi-Factor Authentication and One-Time Passwords are in their own Category Section on the NCEdCloud FAQ Page.


Instructions for setting up Authentication Apps

Users required to use MFA to access NCEdCloud should prepare for setting up your One-Time Password by downloading an authentication application to either your mobile device, computer, or browser (Chrome).  Decide which application you will be using (e.g. Google Authenticator, RapidIdentity, Authy Desktop, GAuth Authenticator) and select the appropriate instructions from below.  Links to the applications are included in each set of instructions.


Managing Users with Privileged Roles

[Note: The commands require an LEA Administrator role to execute.  If you are from a Charter School without an LEA Administrator and are entitled to request this role, please follow the instructions on the Privileged Roles page.]  

If you are not familiar with how to check who has privileged roles in your LEA or Charter School, the process will require an “advanced search” under your Profiles tab in NCEdCloud.  An instruction sheet is provided below, as well as documentation on Revoking privileges and Resetting the OTP.