NCEdCloud Badges and Logins for K-5 Students


The NCEdCloud IAM Service team is excited to announce that alternative login methods are being offered for younger students of school districts and charter schools to access the NCEdCloud IAM Service. Two options (besides username and password), will be available for the start of the 2019 - 2020 academic school year:  Badges (QR codes) - which replace BOTH Username and Password, and Pictographs - which only replace the password (students must still enter their Username/Student Number at the first NCEdCloud login screen).

Starting on Wednesday, August 14th, LEA and charter school Technology Directors and administrators with NCEdCloud Privileged Roles (LEA Administrators and LEA Data Auditors) will be able to request these alternate login options, via the link located to the right.  Note that selection of the alternate login method for your district or charter school can be selected on the form "by grade", for grades K-5, for your entire district or charter school. Webinars have been scheduled for LEA and charter school administrators and technology staff to gain a better understanding of how each login option is implemented, managed, and supported.  Time will be left for Q&A during each webinar. (Note: to implement NCEdCloud Badges, student client devices must have cameras.)


Student Badge (QR Code)            Pictograph Selection


Documentations and Resources:

Documentation for K-5 Alternate Login Options  V1.1
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