ISIS (Payroll) Update Restores Missing IAM Service Accounts

The Issue:

Shortly after the July 6th Integration of Home Base with the IAM Service, LEAs reported employees whose accounts disappeared from the IAM Service.  It was determined that all of the LEAs and Charter Schools who experienced this issue were users of the ISIS Payroll System.  DPI addressed the issue with K12Financials (the ISIS vendor) who upon investigating their processes determined that "the vendor UID process inactivates an employee with NO job.  An employee is considered to have NO job if the Job End Date is less than the month that the file is being created [for]."  For example, some LEA employees had  job end dates of June 24, 2015.  When the UID file was created on July 1, these employees were inactivated.

According to K12Financials, several of the districts end all their employees’ jobs at the end of the fiscal year.  The LEAs then input new JOB START and JOB END dates at the beginning of each new fiscal year.  Some of these districts don’t input new job dates for their employees until they have received signed contracts for the new fiscal year.  The LEAs with inactive employees must key JOB START and JOB END dates for these employees for the new fiscal year.  (However, these employees and NEW employees would remain inactive in the UID System until a CEDARS extract was created on or after the JOB START date).

The Solution:

K12Financials, after finding out that by setting user accounts in the UID System to inactive prevented them from being included in the source data updates to the IAM Service, quickly developed a fix which was pushed to all ISIS users the evening of July 21, 2015.  "Based on the discussions with everyone involved, we will be modifying the UID Export from ISIS to always include any employee that has an active job within the current fiscal year.  For example, it does mean that if an employee has a starting date in September and the file is created in August they will be sent as Active.  This should eliminate any issues with the IAM [Service] while not also creating an issue for TNL or Cedars.  When an employee leaves a job, transfers, retires, etc. the record for that employee for that site will still automatically be sent as Inactive based on the Job End Date.  No special user action will be required. The program automatically picks those records up.  Employees that have an End Date in May or June will automatically be Inactive when that date hits, unless the LEA has already updated their End Date or created them a new job for the following year”- Adam Hooks, K12Financials

Steps to Update the IAM Service:

  • With the ISIS update is in place and a current JOB START date entered for users, LEAs and Charter Schools will need to run the CEDARS/UID extract process and upload it to UID/CEDARS (July 22 or later)
  • Then IAM Service users whose accounts "disappeared" will have their accounts reenabled the following day and should be able to login with their username and password (there will be no need to "re-claim" accounts)
  • This will also fix an issue LEAs and Charter Schools identified when entering NEW Employees - because their Job Start dates were in the future, they weren't being set as Active employees by the ISIS UID feed
  • With the ISIS Update in place, New Employees with JOB START dates in the current fiscal year will be set to Active as soon as the UID Process is run, and their records will be included in the IAM Service employee data feed that night
  • New Employees will be able to Claim their Accounts in the IAM Service the following day



Published Date: 
Tuesday, July 21, 2015 - 13:00