Prepare for the July 2015 Integration of Home Base and the IAM Service

The period from November 24-June 30, 2015 provides an ideal window for all of North Carolina’s K-12 staff and students to access their NCEdCloud IAM Service accounts and familiarize themselves with the service. In order to maximize efficiencies and minimize disruptions come July, it will be ideal if the majority of teachers and students login to the service prior to July 2015.  Please check out the FAQ for more information.

For technical teams, this time can be used to plan for changes to accessing each of the Home Base applications.  After the IAM Service integration, users will be able to access any of the Home Base applications directly (without needing to go through PowerSchool.  This eliminates the dependancy on PowerSchool to access other Home Base applications, but will require providing the unique URLs to each application.  Since the IAM Service is providing Single Sign-On to all connected applications and resources, users will only need to logon once during a browser session.

Published Date: 
Monday, December 8, 2014 - 09:45