Video on How to Access PowerSchool Through the NCEdCloud IAM Service

Union County Public Schools created a short video on How to Access PowerSchool Through the NCEdCloud IAM Service. They have kindly shared the video for use by other schools across the state.  Check out this 1 minute 33 second MP4 video at:

Many thanks to Union County Public Schools!

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Completes Roll-Out of Identity Automation’s RapidIdentity, Supporting Ten Million Users Across the State

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North Carolina (PRWEB) July 22, 2015

Five years ago, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) committed to providing school systems throughout the state with a centralized IT infrastructure. The move required providing a centralized identity and access management system, granting all users access to numerous SaaS applications. NCDPI looked to Identity Automation and its RapidIdentity identity and access management solution to secure this cloud-based identity system.

Home Base Integrated with the NCEdCloud IAM Service July 6,2015

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) is pleased to announce the successful integration of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Service with the Home Base suite of applications. This system provides single sign-on to PowerSchool, SchoolNet, OpenClass, NCEES, and Canvas (for those LEAs and Charter Schools who have adopted and integrated Canvas with the IAM Service).

Statistics Now Available

Some new information is available under the Statistics page (under Resources) that shows the progress of County/City districts and Charter Schools.  The percentages reflect how many LEAs or Charter Schools have claimed at least one account in the IAM Service.  It should also be a reflection of who has accessed the IAM Service and who has not.

IAM Service Integration with Home Base coming July 2015!

After End of Year processes are complete in early July 2015, Home Base applications will be integrated with the IAM Service.  Planned IAM Service integrations include PowerSchool, Schoolnet, Educator Effectiveness System (TNL) and OpenClass.  As additional Home Base applications come online, they will be integrated with the IAM Service based on priority of importance to users.  From now until July 2015, K-12 users will continue to access Home Base applications with their current Home Base logins.

Prepare for the July 2015 Integration of Home Base and the IAM Service

The period from November 24-June 30, 2015 provides an ideal window for all of North Carolina’s K-12 staff and students to access their NCEdCloud IAM Service accounts and familiarize themselves with the service. In order to maximize efficiencies and minimize disruptions come July, it will be ideal if the majority of teachers and students login to the service prior to July 2015.  Please check out the FAQ for more information.

Webinar on End User Experience with the IAM Service

Recording of the Friday October 31, 2014 Webinar on The End User Experience with the IAM Service.  This webinar, presented by Kris Hawxhurst of Identity Automation and Steve Thorpe of MCNC, provides a nice opportunity to learn more about the end-user experience when using applications integrated with the NCEdCloud IAM Service.  This webinar clearly demonstrates the Single Sign-On experience for users as well.

Identity and access management for 10 million users? No sweat!

(NetworkWorld |May 16, 2014):  The state of North Carolina is undertaking a massive initiative to put all of its school districts – more than 250 of them – on one IT infrastructure in the cloud. A foundational service for this infrastructure is an all-encompassing identity and access management system built on Amazon AWS. The IAM system is built to support at least 10 million identities at once. [read more...]