K-12 schools can make the grade with identity and access management

(NetworkWorld | Jan 24, 2014), School districts across the country are looking for ways to stretch their meager funding. An identity and access management system can help the IT budget go the distance by reducing the man-hours needed to create and manage student and teacher accounts and through precision purchasing of only the materials needed for online learning. [read more...] 

NCEdCloud IAM Service Onboarding Process Started

Today, our team started the onboarding process for the IAM Service with select early adopters.  The process of onboarding LEAs and Charter Schools begins with an evaluation of their readiness to use the NCEdCloud IAM Service.  This process consists of a self-review of user data for accuracy and completeness and the selection of available target applications that districts are licensed to use. The LEA or Charter must also provide authorization to release user data to target applications and identify personnel who will serve in key roles.