School-Level Help Desk Roles


NOTE: Please check out the PSU-Level Privileged Roles page for additional information


PSUs will now be able to have school personnel (e.g. Instructional Technology Facilitators (ITFs), guidance counselors, etc.), request a help desk role just for the school(s) they support.  Two new roles, School Help Desk and School Student Help Desk will be available for PSU staff to request starting on Thursday, July 23, 2020.  Approvals for the roles will be made by staff with LEA Administrator roles.  The roles will be identical to the LEA Help Desk and LEA Student Help Desk roles, however, rather than entering the 3-digit LEA Code when requesting a role, requesters must enter the 6-digit Campus Code (3-digit LEA Code + 3-digit School code).  These roles are limited to a single school, however, a staff member that supports more than one school can request roles for additional schools. 

As with other privileged roles in NCEdCloud, these two new roles will also require the recipient to set up Multi-Factor Authentication.


Requesting School-Level Help Desk Roles


  1. Click on Workflow (left side)
  2. Click on Requests (top)
  3. Select the Role(s) you want by checking the box at the left
  4. Do NOT “uncheck” any boxes that were previously checked or you will REVOKE that role
  5. Click on Submit Requests




What can I do with school-level help desk roles?

Staff with School-level help desk roles can Change Student and/or Staff Passwords, or for users that can Claim their accounts, Reset Challenge Responses (clear the answers).  For younger students that have Pictographs enabled, these can also be Reset.  The Help Desk roles do not have the ability to print QR Codes for students - that will need to be done by one of the Student’s teachers or an LEA Administrator.

Once I have one of these roles, how do I use it?

These roles are used the same way as LEA (district) Help Desk roles.  Once a user has been granted the role, they go to the Profiles view in the NCEdCloud IAM Service and will see a new tab or tabs across the top.  (The School Help Desk role displays a tab for Employees and a second for Students.)

Select the tab you wish to use and search for the user you wish to access in the Search window, by entering their UID number or last name.  There is also an Advanced Search feature to select users by other attributes or fields.

Where can I find the 6-digit Campus Code for my school?

Depending on what user data you currently have access to, the easiest way to find the 6-digit Campus code for a school is to look at the Profile Data in NCEdCloud.  Either “Campus” or “Campus Code” lists the 6-digit code, whether it’s your own Profile data, or one of your students if you’re a teacher.

Campus Code: 999200 (LEA 999, + School 200)

Otherwise, the campus code is made up from the LEA code (3 digits) + the 3-digit School Code, which can be found in the EDDIE system (

Can a user have School Help Desk in one school, and School Student Help Desk in another school?

Yes.  Depending on a staff member's responsibilities in the PSU, they can have different roles in different schools, or the same role in any number of schools.  However, each role must be requested and approved individually.

Can a user have School Help Desk and School Student Help Desk in the same school?

You could, however, it’s not necessary since the School Help Desk role covers BOTH staff and students.  The School Student Help Desk role in the same school would be redundant.