Accessing PowerSchool - Current Recommendations


The NCEdCloud IAM Service is being used to login (authenticate) to PowerSchool and other Home Base applications.  Users have encountered a number of issues accessing PowerSchool, and a few of these are identified on the IAM Service website Home Page.  NCDPI will be providing a spreadsheet of issues and their solutions for users having PowerSchool issues, however, in the meantime the following steps seem to make accessing PowerSchool less frustrating for many users.  Many of these issues existed before the integration with the IAM Service, but some are due to how PowerSchool is configured for this integration.


  1. When using PowerSchool from the IAM Service (or through a Bookmark or shortcut - URL), LOGOUT when you're done with your tasks.  You'll receive an informational message when you click on Logout, however, if you are continuing to use your laptop or other device, you shouldn't need to close everything down. When you need to use PowerSchool again, click on the icon within the IAM Service or access your shortcut/bookmark. You may need to login in again, but you shouldn't have to Close your Browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.). Most of the problems being seen are due to PowerSchool timing out, so if you Logout, this prevents a timeout.  (Note: If you are using a SHARED device and are done using PowerSchool and other applications, you need to Logout of PowerSchool and any other applications so that the next person can't login as YOU!  This includes logging out of the IAM Service Rapid Identity Portal).
  2. Another way to separate PowerSchool issues from the rest of your browser windows or tabs is to open PowerSchool in an "Incognito" window in Chrome, or a "Private Browsing Window" in Firefox.  That way, you isolate the PowerSchool issues from the rest of your browsing sessions and won't need to close your entire browser to get back into PowerSchool.


We will continue to provide more information as it becomes available from PowerSchool and DPI, however, issues you're seeing with PowerSchool or Home Base applications should be reported to the HBSC (Home Base Support Center) through your PowerSchool Coordinator for your LEA or Charter School.