Source Data Requirements

Source Data required by the NCEdCloud IAM Service (and other systems), comes from the designated authoritative databases or Systems of Record. The primary data sources for the NCEdCloud IAM Service are listed below and can also be found in the data schema documents listed in the sidebar. Specific data elements are required by the IAM Service to provision user accounts and establish roles or enable access to target applications integrated with the Service.

Student Data

PowerSchool (LEA or Charter School local instances feed a statewide database)

Employee Data

  • Staff UID (Unique statewide IDentifier system)**
  • For email address (in order - first match):
    • PowerSchool
    • LINQ HR (Human Resources application from LINQ)
    • HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
  • EDDIE (Educational Directory and Demographical Information Exchange

** UID is maintained by PSU Payroll systems running the CEDARS Extract Process.

Critical Data Needs

While ALL the data described in the Student and Employee Schemas is necessary to provision NCEdCloud accounts for the LEAs and Charter Schools, the UID, LEA Code, Budget Codes -Job Code (Object Code) and Dept. Code (Purpose Code), and Email are the most critical. The LEA Code determines in "which" LEA or Charter School the user is visible. Budget codes are used to create staff roles such as Teacher, Faculty or Employee, while Email is used in the IAM Service for some self-service functions as well as in Workflow requests and approvals. Additionally, some number of applications and other online resources use email as a required user attribute.

LEA and Charter School employees with the "Data Auditor" or "LEA Administrator" role have the ability to look at their district's or school's data to verify that the right LEA Code, Budget Codes (e.g. Job and Dept Codes) and Email are indeed present and accurate. Any errors or missing information should be updated in the appropriate System of Record (e.g. PowerSchool for students and PowerSchool, UID, Payroll, and HRMS for employees). The Schemas document shows which System the data element is pulled from.

*** NOTE: While the UID system is the authoritative source for most of the Employee Data in the IAM Service, UID/CEDARS is UPDATED primarily by LEA and Charter School Payroll Systems (e.g. LINQ, Sartox, Lawson, etc.). Data that is not accurate in the IAM Service - for example Date of Birth, Last Name, LEA Code(s), etc. - has likely been entered in error in the Payroll system and needs to be corrected there. Then the CEDARS process needs to be run to update the UID System the same day.(If the CEDARS process is not specifically run, updates to the UID system will not take place until the normal Payroll schedule runs, which can take up to 30 days). Updates to the UID/CEDARS system will show up in the IAM Service the next business day.

Source Data for the IAM Service is often referred to as "Identity" or directory data and is used to uniquely identify a student, teacher or other user across the entire state. The IAM Service only consumes data needed for this purpose or when specifically required by one of the integrated applications (e.g. SchoolNet codes are passed to the IAM Service as part of an employee's record). Student course enrollment or "roster" data is not part of the Service at this time, since it is provided "out of band" to applications that need it - usually as a direct file upload from the Student Information System (PowerSchool).

Data Requirements Resources

The following documents provide additional information on the Employee and Student data schemas as well as source systems.


Information from NCDPI's Chart of Accounts - Supporting Documents website page: