FAQs on this website

In order to make FAQs easier to find, more useful, and less overwhelming (on the FAQ page), Feature-specific and Job-specific FAQs have been moved to the bottom of the Page they support (e.g. LEA Administrators, MFA, Teachers, etc.).

General FAQs including those dealing with Passwords remain on the main FAQ page.

New Training Videos for NCEdCloud

Identity Automation has created a new training site with updated videos, showing how to accomplish many tasks for LEA Administrators, teachers, and general users.

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Welcome to the New NCEdCloud Website!

This website has a wealth of information on the NCEdCloud IAM Service and how to get the most out of it.  We recommend that you explore the site, beginning with the Using this Site page which briefly describes all the topics in the dropdown navigation along the top of this page.

This new version of Drupal also has accessibility improvements over the old site shown below.


PSUs using Classlink

A new feature called Seamless Login is now available for PSUs utilizing Classlink as their local portal / identity provider.  See more on the Seamless Login page.

Change Default Passwords for Students

A new feature is available to PSU LEA Administrators that allows the regeneration of the student DEFAULT Passwords for the entire PSU, by school, by grade, or by grade within a school.  The newly regenerated passwords will also be visible in the students' profiles and teachers "My Students" view.

Alias IDs

PSUs can now Opt-In to use an email address or a Local ID (Account) for their username (UIDs will still work). Get more information on the Alias ID page.

Multi-Factor Authentication for Employees

NCEdCloud now has the ability to turn on MFA for all PSU employees, or for any number of specific employees (e.g. HR and Finance staff). Check out the MFA page.