Target Applications

List of Opt-In Applications

  • Apex Learning
  • Amplify (Grades 5 & 6 request form for LEA Administrators ONLY)
  • Bloomboard
  • Canvas (LMS)
  • Career Cruising
  • CDLR (PSU data synced from NCEdCloud to local directory)
  • Clever
  • ConnectED (McGraw-Hill Education)
  • DiscoveryEd
  • EasyBridge (Savvas)
  • Follett Destiny
  • Google Workspace for Education
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)
    • Ed: Your Friend in Learning
    • Holt McDougal Online
    • Think Central
    • SAM
  • Imagine Learning
    • Imagine Espanol
    • Imagine Language & Literacy
    • Imagine Math Facts
    • Imagine Math
  • Istation
  • Learning A-Z (RAZ, Science, Writing, Vocabulary)
  • MATHia (Carnegie Learning)
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • NGLsync (National Geographic Learning via Cengage)
  • TalentEd
  • What's My Browser? (Utility to identify browser type and version)
  • Xello (Follow on to Career Cruising)

Target Applications are the cloud-based applications, resources, and services that K-12 users can access through the NCEdCloud RapidIdentity Portal for their educational needs. The NCEdCloud provides Single Sign On (login once to NCEdCloud) to access these applications. If you have the NCEdCloud LEA Administrator or LEA Data Auditor role for your PSU you may submit the forms in the box to the right.

Choose the appropriate form (on the right) to ADD, SUGGEST, or REMOVE a Target Application for your LEA or Charter School.

* If you are interested in other Opt-in features such as PK-5 Alternate Logins (Badges), Alias IDs, etc., please see the Opt-In Features menu at the top of this page.


Integration Status of Target Applications:

Opt-in Target Applications are noted in the table as "Available for Opt-In". Applications marked "Integrated" are statewide (NC DPI) implementations that have been completed, and if present, those marked "In Progress" are under development or being piloted.

Count of Target Application Integrated

<- (Click Table to see current status)


Applications that are visible in the NCEdCloud IAM Service Applications view by default, include statewide NCDPI Home Base applications for students and/or staff, Professional Development applications (for teachers), and icons for additional resources, training, and support.

  • Amplify Canvas - NCDPI
  • GoOpenNC
  • NCBCE Navigator
  • PowerSchool (up to 3 icons)
  • Britannica
  • Schoolnet (Home Base opt-in)


  • Data Security Resources
  • IAM Information Website
  • Training

LEA Administrators also see:

  • Support Community for Identity Automation (for users with the LEA Administrator role in NCEdCloud)
  • IAM Service Support
  • NCDPI Codes

There are two ways to get a Target Application integrated with the NCEdCloud IAM Service for your PSU:

  1. Submit a Request to Opt-In to existing (previously piloted and integrated for other PSUs), applications shown in the left panel of the Target Applications page.  The form is linked in the block on the right side of the page - Integrated a Target Applications.
  2. If you have an application you'd like integrated with NCEdCloud but you don't see it listed, you can Suggest a Target Application by submitting a form (also through the link in the block to the right).

Add, Suggest, or Remove Target Applications

To Integrate (Add): If you'd like to Opt-In to one or more Target Applications for your PSU, please fill out the Integrate a Target Application form.

To Suggest: If you'd like to recommend a NEW application to integrate with the NCEdCloud IAM Service, please fill out the Suggest a Target Application form.

To Remove: If you no longer use an application you previously integrated (e.g. didn't renew a contract), please fill out the Remove a Target Application form.

*These forms can only be SUBMITTED by NCEdCloud users with the LEA Administrator or LEA Data Auditor role for their district or school.