Target Applications


Target Applications are the cloud-based applications, resources, and services that K-12 users can access through the NCEdCloud IAM Service for their educational needs. Target Applications will use the IAM Service to authenticate and authorize users.  Applications may be REQUESTED from the list of existing products or digital content (already integrated) from the Target Application Request Form, or NEW applications may be SUGGESTED by the LEA or Charter School through the Target Application Suggestion Form.  Access to each of these forms is restricted to NCEdCloud users with the LEA Administrator privileged role for your district or school.


List of Available Opt-In Applications:


Integration Status of Target Applications:

Count of Target Application Integrated



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*** Opt-In Target Applications noted in the Table as "Scheduling" are those currently available for integration.  Applications marked "Integrated" are statewide implementations that have been completed, and those that are under development are marked "In Progress".