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What is the NCEdCloud IAM Service?

The goal of the NCEdCloud Identity & Access Management (IAM) Service is for every student, teacher, staff member, parent or guardian, and school community member, to have a single, unique username and password to access cloud-based learning resources in North Carolina. This page provides supplemental information to NC Charter Schools, especially NEW Charter Schools, about the NCEdCloud IAM Service. Please share this information with your support staff and/or management company as appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs provide answers to commonly asked questions about the NCEdCloud IAM Service. In order to make FAQs easy to find, more useful, and less overwhelming (on a "long" FAQ page), feature-specific and role-specific FAQs have been moved to the bottom of the page they support (e.g. LEA Administrators, MFA, Teachers, Charter Schools, etc.). For example, to access FAQs specific to teachers, see the bottom of the Teachers page, or look at the LEA Administrators page for their fairly long list of FAQs.

General FAQs and those dealing with Passwords remain on the FAQ page itself.

How does my Charter School get started with the IAM Service?

We recommend that you explore this website, beginning with the home page and the Getting Started and Opt-In Features links listed there (and in the top navigation drop downs).  Then review the rest of the content on this page, for Charter School administrators and users.

Other Helpful Information

Since many Charter Schools use a management company to assist with HR, payroll, or student system support, there is a Charter School Employee Source Data page that has additional information on employee data requirements.

How do I manage Student Passwords?

Students in the NCEdCloud are provided with default passwords when their accounts are created in the NCEdCloud initially. These default passwords can be seen by selecting the People view from the dropdown menu (where Applications is displayed), and then clicking on the Manage LEA Students tab for LEA Administrators or help desk staff), and/or the My Students tab for teachers who have students enrolled in their classes. Teachers or staff with the above roles can also change or reset their students' passwords (see the "Teachers" page).

How do I opt-in to using "badges" for my PK-5 students?

Charter School employees with the LEA Administrator role can submit a request to opt-in to using Badges for logins, for younger students.  More information can be found under "Student Badges..." under the Opt-In Features menu item along the top of any page.  Also, the PK-5 Alternate Login Setup/Management Documentation may be of use.

NCEdCloud Support

Beginning April 14, 2021, NCEdCloud IAM Service issues that can’t be resolved locally should be escalated to Identity Automation. Local NCEdCloud LEA Administrators may open tickets with Identity Automation at the Identity Automation Support Community at:

 You should also be able to click on the Identity Automation Support Community icon in the NCEdCloud IAM Service Applications view, if you have the LEA Administrator role.

NCEdCloud LEA Administrators who do not have credentials for the Identity Automation Support Community (above) should request them by sending an email to



You can go to "Claim My Account" from the NCEdCloud Home page and the process will be explained there.

LEA Administrators and/or Technology Directors can also find more information on requesting and granting privileged roles at the following:


We recommend that you visit these pages for further information:

  1. Claim My Account describes introductory information on the IAM service, account claiming instructions and directions for the Tech Director to obtain the LEA Administrator role.

  2. "Next Steps for LEA Administrators" contains information to help Charter Schools prepare to roll out the NCEdCloud IAM Service to their users and move forward with accessing Target Applications (including Home Base apps when integrated) using their NCEdCloud credentials (Username and password).

  3. "Self-Service Onboarding Checklist" was developed with feedback from the onboarding planning sessions for Early Adopters of the NCEdCloud IAM Service and is intended to assist schools in preparing for a rollout of NCEdCloud user accounts. Charter Schools who wish to use the service should review the items below and plan/complete all tasks prior to requesting the integration of Target Applications.

Why do I need an LEA Administrator Role in NCEdCloud?

The NCEdCloud LEA Administrator role is required to manage student and staff accounts, and to submit support tickets with Identity Automation (the NCEdCloud vendor).  Typically, someone like a technology director, principal, or assistant principal would request the LEA Administrator role. It  also allows them to approve requests from other staff for other privileged roles such as Data Auditor, Help Desk, etc.

More information and FAQs on privileged roles can be found on the Privileged Roles page (also found under Opt-In Features in the top menu).

Also, Next Steps for Charter School LEA Administrators contains an outline of suggested tasks that describe the many Opt-In Enhancements available for your students and staff