Technical and Informational Resources for the NCEdCloud IAM Service

White Papers and Diagrams:

User Account Disables, Disabling Accounts From Source Updates, and the "Override" Views In the People View (460K pdf) - July 21, 2022  Describes the differences and relationships between to titled functions used in the Profiles tab.

Source Data Schemas and Mappings, (122K pdf) - May 1, 2014, UPDATED: Feb 11, 2020 Lists the schemas for employee and student data as well as mapping attributes to the source systems

NCEdCloud Staff Email Provisioning (86K pdf) - September 2017 Flow diagram and explanation of requirements for staff email to be populated in the NCEdCloud IAM Service

Source Data Workflow (80K pdf) - February 2017 Graphical representation of Source Data files that feed the NCEdCloud IAM Service

Integration Methodologies for the NCEdCloud IAM Service, (103K pdf) - February 18, 2014 Describes provisioning and authentication methods Target Applications can use to integrate with the NCEdCloud IAM Service (to share with vendors)

NCEdCloud IAM Service Management Plan, (1.8M pdf) - October 25, 2013 The Service Management Plan provides details on the supporting role of service management for the NCEdCloud IAM Service as it is planned, developed, and deployed for the K-12 Stakeholders of North Carolina.

NCEdCloud IAM Plan, (3.8M pdf) - Version 5.0 released February 29, 2012 The purpose of this document is to provide a comprehensive set of information surrounding the identity management issues in the North Carolina K-12 Education system and a plan for developing a statewide Identity and Access Management Service to address these issues.


User Forum / Office Hour Webinar slide decks

Presentation to Regional Tech Directors and HB User Group Meetings - April, 2015

Home Base Symposium 2015 Slides - February 23-25, 2015