Technical and Informational Resources for the NCEdCloud IAM Service

White Papers and Diagrams:

Updated Staff Email Provisioning Diagram (236K pdf) - January 2024 Updated email flow indicating preferred Source System (SIS) for staff email addresses in the NCEdCloud IAM Service.

User Account Disables, Disabling Accounts From Source Updates, and the "Override" Views In the People View (460K pdf) - July 21, 2022  Describes the differences and relationships between to titled functions used in the Profiles tab.

Source Data Schemas and Mappings, (122K pdf) - May 1, 2014, UPDATED: Feb 11, 2020 Lists the schemas for employee and student data as well as mapping attributes to the source systems

NCEdCloud Staff Email Provisioning (86K pdf) - September 2017 Flow diagram and explanation of requirements for staff email to be populated in the NCEdCloud IAM Service



User Forum / Office Hour Webinar slide decks