Using this Site

This page describes what can be found on each menu item in the top navigation for "Getting Started" and "Opt-in Features".

Getting Started:

  • Home Page - the initial (home) page of this website, this link can be used to return to the home page from any other page (or you can click on the NCEdCloud logo at the top left)
  • Using this Site - THIS PAGE - brief documentation for each page on the site (listed in the top right navigation)
  • About - Overview information about the NCEdCloud IAM Service
  • Claim My Account - describes introductory information on the IAM service, NCEdCloud account claiming instructions, and directions on obtaining the LEA Administrator privileged role
  • Account Claiming Issues - lists common things you can check before escalating the issue to local technology support or the vendor
  • For Teachers - has information on how teachers can work with student accounts and assist them with logging into the NCEdCloud
  • LEA Administrators - will find information on opting into additional features of the NCEdCloud as well as an extensive list of FAQs
  • Charter School Information - has content specifically for new charter schools that is unique, compared to public school districts
  • Source Data Requirements - describes where student and employee data for the NCEdCloud IAM Service "comes from"
  • Documents - contains papers on source data, data flows, etc., plus some of the original documents that were used to plan the NCEdCloud infrastructure


  • Frequently Asked Questions (General FAQs on this page, "Specific FAQs" found at the bottom of topic pages - e.g. MFA, LEA Administrators, Teachers, etc.)

Opt-in Features:

  • Target Applications - a list of applications that can be integrated into the NCEdCloud IAM Service for your Charter School
  • Privileged Roles - roles requested by staff and approved by the school's NCEdCloud LEA Administrator that allow the user to perform additional tasks
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) -  requires all users with privileged roles, and optionally other staff to enter a 6-digit number when logging in
  • Student Badges and Logins for PK-5 - allows younger students to scan a badge with a QR code to log into the NCEdCloud, rather than enter a username and password
  • Alias IDs - allow a Charter School to choose to use email addresses rather than UIDs for the Username when logging in
  • Adding Amplify for Grades 5-6 (Icon) - enables the Amplify "icon" for 5th and 6th grade students for schools that have purchased the product for additional grades
  • Seamless Login to Classlink - Enables PSUs that use Classlink as their local portal, to configure statewide applications from NCDPI in their Classlink application launcher


  • Includes some "self help" Instructions for users, and how to open support tickets with the vendor for district or Charter School LEA Administrators.