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NEW Users: How to Claim My Account

New employees, and optionally new students in grades 6-12, can claim their NCEdCloud IAM Service accounts. Students in Grades K-5 do not have the ability to "claim" their accounts. Teachers (through their "My Students" view) and employees with a privileged role, can provide younger students with their Username (Student Number) and default password shown in their profile; or set the password to something easier to remember. Additionally, LEAs can choose to use an alternate form of authentication for students in grades PK-5 such as NCEdCloud "Badges" and Logins for PK-5 Students. Information on how Teachers can provide account information to their students is presented on the Teachers page of this website.

The Claim Process...

This page provides links and resources to help new users Claim their NCEdCloud IAM Service accounts (NCEdCloud accounts) to use when accessing Home Base applications or any other applications or resources their PSU has had integrated. In particular, users with privileged roles, should familiarize themselves with the Claim Account Process so you can assist your users if they encounter any difficulties.

As new employees and students enter your district or charter school each school year, they can be directed to this page for more information. After going to, the user will click on the Claim My Account button in the middle of the login screen.

Users will then see the Claim Policy form with the default setting of LEA Employee Claim Policy. (If a student in grades 6-12 has been instructed to claim their account through this process, they will need to select the Student Claim Form). After selecting "Next", the Claim Account process involves three (3) more screens: The Employee Claim Form (or Student Claim Form) - where you enter information about yourself; the Set Password screen; and the Challenge-Response Security Questions screen where you answer 5 or more of the questions presented. Before claiming your account you can watch the Employee Claim My Account Video which walks you through the process. The (optional) grade 6-12 student account claiming process is described in the Student Claim My Account Video.

Note: When entering your birthdate, the format is YYYYMMDD with no dashes or slashes. Also, you will need the 3-digit LEA Code for your PSU and Staff UID#. Check the "I'm not a robot" box at the bottom of the screen and then the "Next" button.

If at any time the "Next" button doesn't work (remains "grayed out") then the information you entered is either in the wrong format (such birthdate) or may be incorrect in the source system (See Account Claiming Issues for help).

Claim Policy Screen Image    

Note: Users who will require one of the privileged roles in NCEdCloud (LEA Administrators, LEA Data Auditors, LEA Help Desk, LEA Student Help Desk, School Help Desk, or School Student Help Desk), will be required to setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) once the role is approved. Information on requesting privileged roles is on the Privileged Roles page, and information on setting up MFA for using a One Time Password to login is found on the MFA page.

NOW, if you're all ready to go, Click the Claim My Account button!

Claim My Account



The quickest way to access the IAM Service is to type into your browser window and go there directly.  If you want to bookmark the IAM Service, see the FAQ on "How Do I Bookmark the IAM Service?"



Once you see the login screen, enter your Username (State UID number), then click on "Go".  After entering your password at the next screen, type "Go" again, and you'll be logged in to the NCECloud IAM Service (unless you need to enter a One Time Password (OTP) because you're required to use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).


If you Forgot your username, or are Claiming Your Account for the first time, your username is the Pupil Number (for Students) or the 10-digit State Employee UID for teachers and staff. Employee UID numbers should be in the Staff UID system as well as Payroll, so your Finance Department may be able to help you locate it, or anyone with a Help Desk role in the NCEdCloud can look it up. Teachers have the ability to see their students' usernames/UIDs under the "My Students" view in People.


If you want to BOOKMARK the NCEdCloud IAM Service, DO NOT bookmark the Login Screen where you enter your username and password, but rather the Rapid Identity Applications page (where the application icons are displayed).  Then whenever you want to go to the IAM Service you can click on that bookmark.

Key points to remember for Bookmarking the IAM Service:



  Don't Bookmark!                                            BOOKMARK                            


There are three main criteria for challenge questions:  

  • 5 of the 10 questions listed must be answered

  • The answers must be 3 or more characters

  • Answers can not be repeated among questions

In addition, the answers are not case-sensitive.

If a question is not answered it will be ignored in the password recovery process. For example, if you initially answer only 5 of the questions then you will be challenged with 2 of those 5 question. If you initially answer 6 questions then you will be challenged with 2 of those 6. You will never be asked a question that you did not answer during setup.

No, the response to a challenge question is not case-sensitive.

  • Passwords shall be at a minimum 8 characters in length and no longer than 16 characters.
  • Passwords shall be comprised of at least one of each of the following:
    • Upper case letters
    • Lower case letters
    • Numbers
  • Passwords shall not contain the username alias (the portion of the user’s email address before  
  • Username, first name, last name, spaces cannot be used within the password
  • Passwords shall not begin or end with ! (an exclamation point)
  • Allowed special characters are: @ # $ % ^ & * - _ + = [ ] { } | \ : ’ . ? / ` ~ ” < > ( ) ; !
  • Passwords shall not be shared. No one will ever ask you for your password.
  • Passwords shall be changed at a minimum every 90 days for all in-scope users (employees)
  • If a user suspects any password has been compromised or is known by another individual the user shall immediately change their password and notify their local administration

Using the IAM Service

Once you have your NCEdCloud IAM Service account, you can login by going to (please see the appropriate FAQs below).

When you login, you will be at the "Applications" view and will be presented with icons of Home Base applications your PSU is using, and any opt-in applications or resources your district or charter school has integrated with the IAM Service. Training videos can be accessed through the RapidIdentity Training Icon.

You will also be able to see (and verify) your profile information, have the ability to change or reset your password, and update your Security Questions by clicking on your name next to the person icon in the very top right of the screen (in the red bar).