LEA Administrators and Data Auditors

How can I get the Amplify Icon to show up for our additionally purchased grades (above K-4)?

If your PSU has purchased ADDITIONAL Amplify coverage for students in grades 4-6, you can Submit the Amplify Request Form to add the icon to your PSU for Grades 5 and/or 6.  Once enabled, the icon will be presented to ALL students in the grades selected, as we cannot currently manage school-level icons for the entire state.  Note: This form must be filled out an

Why did some of my employees disappear from the NCEdCloud IAM Service?

If you have staff members in your LEA or charter school who were using accounts in the IAM Service but they no longer show up, the first place to check is typically the payroll system that your LEA or charter school uses. This occasionally happens with 10 and 11 month employees when their work/job Start Dates are not present or not in the upcoming school year in the payroll system.

Why is an employee's email wrong or missing in the NCEdCloud IAM Service?

Employee email address originally came from the HRMS system when NCEdCloud was first set up.  However, many PSUs complained that those records were only updated if an employee changed jobs, and frequently had an old email listed.  This process was changed a few years ago to obtain employee email address in a specific order by searching 2 or 3 source systems to find staff email address.  The process now starts with PowerSchool, then checks LINQ HR (if used by the LEA), and lastly HRMS.

Who can see the "My Students" tab in the IAM Service Profiles view?

The ability to see the "My Students" tab in the Rapid Identity Portal under Profiles view, is based on whether the employee who logs into the IAM Service has one of the designated "Teacher Job Codes".  Job Codes are setup by the NCDPI and are assigned to an employee through their payroll system and stored in the UID system.  Below are the job codes (sometimes referred to as object codes), that allow an employee to see the My Students tab.

When is the next Home Base maintenance window and how will it affect the NCEdCloud IAM service?

Home Base Maintenance Periods typically involve downtime of PowerSchool and sometimes other Home Base applications. However, during such downtime, other IAM Service integrated applications remain available.

For a complete schedule of Home Base Maintenance Periods, please see... Home Base Maintenance and Support


What are the cutoff times for updated source data to be included in the IAM service the next day?

Upstream data processes produce the user data that is provided to the NCEdCloud IAM service early in the morning on Monday through Saturday. If an updated data field value is entered into that field's source system prior to that source system's cutoff time, then the data is provided to the IAM service the following day. (Note that data is typically NOT provided to the IAM service on Sunday mornings).