LEA Administrators and Data Auditors

Will the IAM Service affect my local accounts?

No, there is no requirement that you make any changes to your user accounts within your LEA. The UID number however is the login for cloud-based services such as HomeBase and other NCEdCloud IAM apps (should you choose to adopt them).  Whether an LEA chooses to use NCEdCloud IAM accounts within their local district services is up to you. If it is of interest to do so, it is possible the NCEdCloud IAM’s CDLR service could help facilitate that. 

What if there is no email address in employee or student data?

There are several important drawbacks for users without an email address within the service.  For example:

  1. LEA Administrators and other employees that use the Workflow features of the IAM service would have no way to automatically be notified by the IAM service of their workflow-related task items.

  2. Some target services require the email address.  Without having email associated with the provisioned user account, functionality of those target services could be significantly impacted.

How do I search my Users for those without an email address?

The easiest way to search for user records that are missing an email address is to select the Manage Employees tab or the Managed Students tab (under Profiles) and then do an Advanced Search for [Last Name = *] AND [Email != * ].  This search string looks at all users (since you entered an asterisk for Last Name is searchs every record), and where the Email field DOES NOT equal "something".  In otherwords, if there is an entry in the email field, it skips that record.  If the user's email field is empty/blank/null - then i