IAM Service Partners

The NCEdCloud IAM Service has eight key participant groups, including the IAM Service Manager (MCNC). Each participant is an organization or a collection of organizations that has a unique purpose in the NCEdCloud IAM Service. These organizations work collaboratively, but have distinct responsibilities in deploying, supporting, and managing the IAM Service. In addition to the IAM Service Manager, the NCEdCloud participants are categorized as follows:

  • Policy and Governance 
  • Data Sources
  • NCEdCloud IAM Service Provider (Identity Automation)
  • K-12 User Community (all LEAs and Charter Schools)
  • Help Desk and Support (Tier 2 - NCDPI)
  • Target Application/Services (Cloud-based Applications and Resources)
  • Business and Administration 

At a high level, each of the participant groups is made up of various individuals and organizations. Over time, as the IAM Service matures and needs change, there will be an evolutionary shift in workload and responsibilities among the different service relationships.