How are Account Disables and Disabling Accounts From Source Updates used?

What is the purpose of the "Disable account from Source Updates" checkbox in user account list view (under Profiles?

There are 3 features in the People view of the NCEdCloud IAM Service that users with the LEA Administrator role can use:

  1. User Account Disable/Enable buttons
  2. Disable Updates from Source Data checkbox
  3. LEA Employee/Student/Parent Overrides views (left navigation)

The first temporarily prevents a user from logging into the IAM Service, however, if the user data uploaded that evening still has the user status as "Active", the account will be reenabled the following morning.

The second prevents changes in the nightly updates from being applied to the IAM Service account, so if you disable the account AND check the Disable update from Source Data checkbox, the account will remain disabled.

The third feature show you whose account is currently disabled from nightly updates.  This is important to understand if transferring staff or students can't login.  Their previous PSU may have checked the disable from source updates box, and until that is unchecked they won't be able to login or see your applications (if their LEA Code is not updated with the new PSU's code).

More complete information on these features can be found in the following document:

Disabling Accounts, Disable from Source Updates, and the Override tabs

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