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How does my PSU add Grades 5/6 to the Amplify icon

NC DPI purchased the Amplify application for grades K-3 and automatically shows the icon for students in those grade levels.  It also displays the icon for students in grade 4 to allow testing of students designated as "reading retained".  How can I get it to display for older students if our PSU has purchased Amplify for them (Grades 5 and 6)?

If your PSU has purchased ADDITIONAL Amplify coverage for students in grades 5-6, you can Submit the Amplify Request Form to add the icon to your PSU for Grades 5 and/or 6.  Once enabled, the icon will be presented to ALL students in the grades selected

Why did some of my employees disappear from the NCEdCloud IAM Service?

If your PSU has employees who were using accounts in the IAM Service, but the accounts are no longer there, the first place to check is typically the payroll system (Charter Schools may need to check with your management company). This occasionally happens with 10 and 11 month employees when their work/job Start Dates are not present or not in the upcoming school year in the payroll system.

Why is an employee's email wrong or missing in the NCEdCloud IAM Service?

Employee email address is obtained by searching data files from 2 or 3 source systems, in a specific/priority order. The process starts by checking PowerSchool, then LINQ HR (if used by the LEA), and lastly HRMS. The process stops the first time it finds an email populated for the user.  If HR updates HRMS and the employee has a new record added to the PSU's PowerSchool instance, there may be a mismatch between the two - however, the email in PowerSchool is the one that will appear in the NCEdCloud data.

Who can see the "My Students" tab in the IAM Service Profiles view?

The ability to see the "My Students" tab in the Rapid Identity Portal under Profiles view, is based on whether the employee who logs into the IAM Service has one of the designated "Teacher Job Codes".  Job Codes are setup by the NCDPI and are assigned to an employee through their payroll system and stored in the UID system.  Below are the job codes (sometimes referred to as object codes), that allow an employee to see the My Students tab.

How do I reset an account so it can be claimed again?

This process is NOT needed if an employee (or secondary student) has been using their account and simply transfers to another PSU.  They just log into their account as usual and if their records have been updated, they'll see applications for the new PSU.

If, however, a "new" user has trouble claiming their account (or doesn't remember their challenge questions and password), the account can be reset by following the steps below.

The complete process for restoring an account to unclaimed status is: