How can we get New Teachers into the IAM Service within a day or two?

Any user, including new teachers, must have a UID in order to appear in the IAM Service. UIDs are obtained through the UID process.  Please see the summary and detailed explanations below...

UID Summary: 

As soon as an employee is hired with a future start date, they are eligible to receive a UID and subsequently receive access to systems for professional development and other tasks.Some payroll systems (e.g. LINQ) have taken this into consideration and include new hires with a future start date in the UID export for the current fiscal year. However, if your payroll system does not include new employees with a future start date in the UID export file, we recommend that you reach out to your vendor and request that they address this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can add these new employees to the Staff UID system manually using the “Add Staff” feature available to authorized users.

The “Add Staff” feature in the Staff UID System provides a staff member with a UID, makes them active at the correct location(s), and provisions the new staff member’s account to applicable downstream systems (NCEdCloud, PowerSchool, etc.), outside of the payroll file export process. Documentation for the steps to add a staff member to the Staff UID System using this feature can be found at

Once their start date occurs, they will be included in the UID export file and uploaded to the Staff UID System. Because they are already in the system, the employee record in the UID export will be identified as an exact match.

Please see the following resources for more details on the UID System:


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