How do I reset an account so it can be claimed again?

This process is NOT needed if an employee (or secondary student) has been using their account and simply transfers to another PSU.  They just log into their account as usual and if their records have been updated, they'll see applications for the new PSU.

If, however, a "new" user has trouble claiming their account (or doesn't remember their challenge questions and password), the account can be reset by following the steps below.

The complete process for restoring an account to unclaimed status is:

  • Under "People" > Manage LEA Employees (or Students), enter the user's UID number and hit Return to retrieve the account
  • Hover over the end of the record shown (or click the checkbox), and click on Details
  • Click on "Edit Profile"
  • Uncheck the "Disable Account Claiming" box
  • "Save" the changes
  • Click on the box at the left, to select the user record
  • At the bottom of the page click on "Reset Challenge Responses" and confirm with "Yes"

The account should now be ready to "Claim".  Note: the user sets the password during the claim process, so there's no need to change or reset the password.  They will need your PSU's 3-digit LEA Code, their UID (which you can provide), and their birthdate.

This entire process must be followed to assure a complete reset to unclaimed status.


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