How do I search for NCEdCloud accounts with missing or invalid (malformed) email addresses?

The easiest way to search for accounts that have a missing or invalid email address is to: 

  • Select the Manage LEA Employees or Manage LEA Students tab (under People)
  • Check the Advanced Search box and "Open LDAP Builder" box
  • Select "email" for the field, !* for the operator (does not equal), and enter *@*.* for the value

Then make sure to click "outside" of the filter box and check that the search string shows up at the top. Click on the Update button at the bottom, and when you're back at the search window, click on the magnifying glass at the end of the search box (the "search" symbol).

The equation: email  !=  *@*.*  translates as email NOT EQUAL to wildcard@wildcard.wildcard (where "wildcard" represented by an asterisk, can be ANY value)

This search will turn up all users with invalid email addresses, such as those missing: the principal name, the @, or the school domain (e.g., or user accounts with NO EMAIL address.

You can also enter other filter values to narrow down your search, such as Campus Code = xxxxxx, or Last Name = Gre*

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