NCEdCloud IAM Service Support

Here are a few things you might want to check first:

  • FAQ (frequently asked questions) on the IAM Service - see navigation tabs along the top of this page
  • For New Users - How to Claim My Account (How to Claim and IAM Service account, Video on Claiming, etc.)
  • And IAM Service Updates in the News section


If you don’t find an answer here, please report the issue following your normal local Technology Support process or contact your local Home Base/PowerSchool Coordinator.


Problem Escalation

The NC DPI uses the Remedy on Demand ticketing system at

Some Highlights:  

  • Using their NCID username and password, designated PowerSchool or Home Base Coordinators can submit and manage requests for support via the new Remedy web portal*.   
  • The URL address to the new portal is:
  • Training on the new web portal can be found at:
  • A Powerpoint of the above training is available at:
  • Customers should verify that their NCID account is active and contact their local NCID admin with any issues.
  • In addition to the web portal, designated customers may call the support center for assistance at 919-807-4357.

* Under this system, Designated LEA / Charter personnel can no longer open tickets for assistance via email.