What are the cutoff times for updated source data to be included in the IAM service the next day?


Data processing at DPI extracts user data provided to the NCEdCloud IAM service beginning after normal school hours (usually 5:00 PM or later) Monday through Friday, and on Sunday evening, to pick up any changes entered over the weekend. Processing continues into the early morning on Monday through Saturday. If a user record in one of the source systems (PowerSchool, LINQ HR, one of the Payroll systems, etc.), is updated prior to that source system's evening cutoff time, then the data is provided to the IAM service the following morning. (Note that as not DPI processing occurs Saturday evening, updates are typically NOT provided to the IAM service on Sunday mornings).

For details on the source systems and cutoff times for various employee and student fields and SchoolNet roles please see:

NCEdCloud IAM Service Sources and Timing for Employee Data Fields


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