What is the linking field between IAM Service accounts and PowerSchool?


LEA Administrators and Data Managers in the PSUs have asked: "Which PowerSchool field is matched against the NCEdCloud Username (State UID for employees or students) when a user logs into PowerSchool?" 

The UID number is the unique identifier for NCEdCloud IAM Service accounts, and it is stored within PowerSchool as follows:

  • employees => SIF_StatePrid
  • student => State_studentnumber


*Please note that on some screens, SIF_StatePrid may show up as StatePrId (it is the same thing), so 

for employees:  SIF_StatePrid <=> StatePrID <=> UID

*Also note, if you see Student_number on the screen, it is the same number as the state_studentnumber, so 

for students: Student_number <=> state_studentnumber <=> UID


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