Why can't some of our users log in with their email address?

There are a couple of reasons why a user who HAS an email in NCEdCloud, and whose PSU has opted-in to using Alias ID, can't log in with their email.

  1. If the user's email address contains an apostrophe, for example, "John.O'Neil@psu.net", the user will not be able to log in with their email address. For NCEdCloud (and most other directories), an apostrophe is an illegal character for the Username.  Therefore, it can't be used as an alternate Username for UID.  If the email address has the apostrophe removed in the source data (PowerSchool, LINQ HR or HRMS), it will be added the following day and can then be used in place of the UID for Username.
  2. If the user's email is found in another record in the NCEdCloud (usually an "inactive" record of a former employee or student, or if the user had another UID and that record was disabled), it is considered a "duplicate" Alias ID and won't be added to their record.  The email address that's a duplicate will need to be removed from the old/inactive account to fix the problem.  This will required a ticket being submitted to NCEdCloud support.
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