Can users change their email address in their NCEdCloud account?


Users are not able to edit their profiles to add/change their email address in the IAM Service. Email address is populated from the nightly source data. Email address for students always comes from their Student System record.  Employee email address is prioritized in the following order: PowerSchool records, LINQ HR, and lastly HRMS.  The nightly data feed uses the first email address it finds for an employee in that specific order.  If a teacher has an email address in PowerSchool AND in HRMS, only the address in PowerSchool will be captured and sent in the nightly updates to NCEdCloud.

It is recommend that PSUs populate email addresses for all their users, as some target applications require the email address for user accounts.  Without having email associated with the provisioned/rostered user account, functionality of those target applications could be significantly impacted.

Unfortunately, we have been having intermittent issues with employee emails not populating NCEdCloud accounts for several years now. While we have been able to repair and improve certain parts of this process, it still is not functioning reliably.

Employee emails entered in the NC SIS (PowerSchool) will populate into NCEdCloud correctly. There are rarely any issues with this process.

Employee emails entered in LINQ or HRMS will not reliably populate NCEdCloud accounts. This data may or may not be populated in its entirety across a PSU, and it may or may not be consistent each day.

Lastly, If the PSU opts in to using Alias ID with email addresses, those users without an email address will only be able to use their UID as their Username when logging into the NCEdCloud IAM Service.