User Passwords and Expiration

Are students forced to change their passwords?

Only if their LEA or Charter school opts-in to the IAM Service student password expiration.  To opt-in to the student password expiration policy, please have an IAM Service LEA Administrator submit a ticket to the NC DPI Technology Support Center at:

Student password expiration can be implemented in one of the following ways:

  • The entire LEA or Charter School
  • Only students in grade levels 6 - 13
  • Students in grade levels 5 and below. 


What are the password complexity requirements?

  • Passwords shall be at a minimum 8 characters in length and no longer than 16 characters.
  • Passwords shall be comprised of at least one of each of the following:
    • Upper case letters
    • Lower case letters
    • Numbers
  • Passwords shall not contain the username alias (the portion of the user’s email address before  
  • Username, first name, last name, spaces cannot be used within the password
  • Passwords shall not begin or end with ! (an exclamation point)

Are user passwords assigned or can they choose their own?

Every user has a default password that is randomly generated for that specific user.  However some users won't actually use their default password as they will reset it during the account claiming process.

Employees will be asked to choose a new password when they proceed through their initial account claiming process, so for them the default password is essentially a moot point.