What's different in Primary vs. Secondary student account setup?


For primary student accounts (grades PK-5), PSUs will always need to directly distribute the student account usernames (student number or Alias ID) and passwords - either default passwords or reset/changed passwords (see the Teachers page). There is no claim account process (or challenge questions) for primary students.  PSUs also have the option to use NCEdCloud Badges (QR Codes) or pictographs for primary students.

For secondary student accounts (grade 6 and higher),  PSUs may optionally choose to have those students claim their own accounts, or may directly distribute the student usernames and default passwords the same as primary students.  To claim their  account, a secondary student will need their pupil number, grade, birthday in YYYYMMDD format, and PSU (LEA) code.  To complete the account claiming process (or at the first login if usernames and passwords are provided to the students), a secondary student will need to answer at least 5 challenge response questions. (See: Student Account Claiming ).  Note: Student Badges and pictographs are not an option for secondary students.

* Also note that RapidIdentity Portal "operations" (e.g. change passwords), cannot be performed on a mix of Primary and Secondary students, as different password policies apply to each set of accounts.