Why did some of my employees disappear from the NCEdCloud IAM Service?

If your PSU has employees who were using accounts in the IAM Service, but the accounts are no longer there, the first place to check is typically the payroll system (Charter Schools may need to check with your management company). This occasionally happens with 10 and 11 month employees when their work/job Start Dates are not present or not in the upcoming school year in the payroll system.

The payroll system is the authoritative data source for the Staff UID system, and identifies which staff members to make active in your PSU.  Active user accounts in the Staff UID system have their data sent to the IAM Service nightly (as an active record). Click here to view the IAM Service source data workflow, to see how staff and student data makes its way into the IAM Service.

If your payroll system does not show employees as “active” at the time the CEDARS UID extract is sent to the Staff UID system, they will be marked inactive in the Staff UID system. Inactive UID staff data is not sent to the NCEdCloud IAM Service in the nightly updates, and if a user record does not show up, their existing IAM Service account will be marked as inactive and disabled.  At that point, it will not be visible in the NCEdCloud IAM Service and the user will not be able to login. The account is still there, but until the user record is marked as Active in the UID system and picked up in the nightly feed from DPI, the account will remain “missing”.

For LINQ customers, if your current payroll practice is to end jobs for your 10, 10.5, or 11 month staff, you must either create them a new job with a future start date or update their existing job record with a new Start and End date in order to keep them active within the IAM Service. Any employee that has no Active or Future job start date within payroll, will be sent as Inactive in the CEDARS UID Export.

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