Will I be required to use my personal phone for the MFA One-Time Password?


It depends.  There are multiple ways of obtaining the 6-digit code that must be entered when you login to NCEdCloud (if you have one of the privileged roles).  See the NCEdCloud MFA page for details on the different authenticator applications.

While you can install the Chrome extension "GAuth Authenticator" or another desktop or browser app, these tools must be installed on each device you use to access the NCEdCloud IAM Service.  I

f you use multiple devices to log into the NCEdCloud and you keep your phone with you during the day, it is much easier to install a mobile app on your phone and use it no matter what device you log into.  The authentication applications (e.g. Google Authenticator, RapidIdentity) run on your phone and do NOT use SMS (text messages) to obtain the 6-digit code.  Therefore, if you scan the QR code on the OTP Setup screen the first time you login (or after an OTP Reset), there is no charge to your account or any data usage when you use the authentication app.