How do I select my preferred email address?

A: Users who have more than one valid email address (e.g. they are active in multiple schools within an LEA or in multiple LEAs and have a unique email in each), may now see all valid emails in the IAM service. Those users will have the ability to choose a preferred email address from within the Profiles tab in The preferred email address will be the one used by the IAM Service when populating “email address” for integrated Target Applications.

What settings in Chrome (running on Windows or Linux) can affect logins?

There are a couple of Chrome settings that may help:

  1. ’Continue where I left off’ - attempts to re-establish all of your sessions that were open when you closed the browser. This can result in a continuation of a session -OR- can result in some very cryptic errors within the Application (Service Provider).  Change this under Settings > On startup

Why do I get an Error Message when I try to Logon?

If you get a "Bad Request" message or the screen shown below, it's likely because you "bookmarked" the Logon Screen or used the "back button". To get to the IAM Service (to change/reset your password for example), go to  To get to any of the applications you normally access, click on the link or icon for that application.  If you try to go directly to the login screen by bookmarking it, the IAM Service won't know where you want to go (e.g. PowerSchool, Google Apps for Education, etc.).