How do I select my preferred email address?

A: Users who have more than one valid email address (e.g. they are active in multiple schools within an LEA or in multiple LEAs and have a unique email in each), may now see all valid emails in the IAM service. Those users will have the ability to choose a preferred email address from within the Profiles tab in The preferred email address will be the one used by the IAM Service when populating “email address” for integrated Target Applications.

How Do I BOOKMARK the IAM Service in my Browser?


If you want to BOOKMARK the IAM Service, DO NOT bookmark the Login Screen where you enter your username and password, but rather the Rapid Identity Applications page (where the application icons are displayed).  Then whenever you want to go to the IAM Service you can click on that bookmark.

Key points to remember for Bookmarking the IAM Service:

How do I find out my Username (eScholar UID Number)?

If you Forgot your username, or are Claiming Your Account for the first time, the eScholar UID number is the former 9- or 10-digit NCWise Student or Pupil Number (for Students) and the 10-digit State Employee UID or PowerSchool UID for teachers and staff. Employee UID numbers should be in the UID system as well as Payroll, so your Finance Department may be able to help you locate the number.  Many LEAs and Charter Schools were already using the UID number to logon to PowerSchool.