How do I select my preferred email address?

I am active in multiple LEAs and have more than one email address in the IAM service. How do I select my preferred email address?

Users who have more than one valid email address (e.g. they have active assignments in two or more PSUs with an email address issued by each PSU), may now see all valid emails in the IAM service. Those users will have the ability to choose a preferred email address from within their Profile settings in 

What is the linking field between IAM Service accounts and PowerSchool?


LEA Administrators and Data Managers in the PSUs have asked: "Which PowerSchool field is matched against the NCEdCloud Username (State UID for employees or students) when a user logs into PowerSchool?" 

The UID number is the unique identifier for NCEdCloud IAM Service accounts, and it is stored within PowerSchool as follows:

  • employees => SIF_StatePrid
  • student => State_studentnumber


How do I find out my Username?

If you Forgot your username, or are Claiming Your Account for the first time, your username is the Pupil Number (for Students) or the 10-digit State Employee UID for teachers and staff. Employee UID numbers should be in the Staff UID system as well as Payroll, so your Finance Department may be able to help you locate it, or anyone with a Help Desk role in the NCEdCloud can look it up. Teachers have the ability to see their students' usernames/UIDs under the "My Students" view in People.