LEA Administrators

How do I see a list of employees or students in my PSU?

I go to the People view and click on Manage LEA Employees, but I don't see anything.  Are my employees in the IAM Service?

The Manage LEA Employees tab or the Manage LEA Students tab (on the left) under the People View in the IAM Service relies on a "Search" function. You need to enter some criteria to select the users you want to lookup. The easiest search is to enter an asterisk * wildcard in the search window and click the Search button. This will only return the first 1000 matching records, however, which is the limit of any query.

How do I update a user that also shows up in another PSU?

Frequently, employees that transfer from another PSU are not updated in their former payroll system (and consequently in the Staff UID system), in a timely manner.  If you find the profile of one of your users still lists their former PSU, you will need to contact them (usually payroll, but a peer may be able to work with you) and have them update their data (to "inactive" for the former PSU).

How can "Privileged Roles" in the IAM Service be revoked for an employee?


Privileged Roles (e.g. LEA Administrator, LEA Data Auditor, LEA Help Desk, LEA Student Help Desk, School Help Desk, and/or School Student Help Desk) can be revoked in either of two ways:

1. The user with the elevated privilege can self-revoke a role by using the same workflow process they used to originally request the role.

For example, after logging into the IAM Service:

What is the linking field between IAM Service accounts and PowerSchool?


LEA Administrators and Data Managers in the PSUs have asked: "Which PowerSchool field is matched against the NCEdCloud Username (State UID for employees or students) when a user logs into PowerSchool?" 

The UID number is the unique identifier for NCEdCloud IAM Service accounts, and it is stored within PowerSchool as follows:

  • employees => SIF_StatePrid
  • student => State_studentnumber


What roles with elevated privileges can an employee Request?

Using the Request process, employees are able to request the LEA Administrator, LEA Data Auditor, LEA Help Desk, LEA Student Help Desk, School Help Desk, or School Student Help Desk roles. Employees needing one of these roles should choose the Request view from the dropdown at the top of the page (where "Applications" is usually displayed), and request the appropriate role.

The LEA Administrator for the PSU determines whether of not to Grant or Deny the request, and may follow up with the employee to determine their need.